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The following books are published by or available through the Richmond River Historical Society, which promotes Lismore and district history through its publications. They can be purchased at the Museum at 165 Molesworth Street during opening hours for the prices listed. If you would like copies posted to you, please go to the Publications Order Form, which provides the prices including postage and packing.

Dunoon 2480  by Denis Matthews  $25.00

Dunoon 2480 presents a window on the history of the village of Dunoon, and surrounding district, from the days of early European settlement.

thumbnail cover - Dunoon 2480


Bundjalung Jugun: Bundjalung Country  by Jennifer Hoff  $50.00

The inspiring story of the Bundjalung nation and how and why they survived the European invasion of their traditional lands.


 bundjalung_jugun book


Lismore Musical Festival: history and memories  by Margaret Henderson  $40.00

A history of the Lismore Music Festival Society from its beginnings in 1908.

 Music Festival 001


New Italy Remembered  compiled by Kevin Olivieri  $15.00

A photographic treatment of the fascinating history of the settlement of New Italy – the people and their lifestyle.


 New Italy Remembered cover


Waters of the Richmond River North Arm – Floods in Lismore to 1974  compiled by Kevin Olivieri  $20.00

A photographic record of floods in Lismore from the 1880s to the present day.

 thumbnail cover - Waters of the Richmond River North Arm


Men and a River (Second Edition)  by Louise Tiffany Daley  $25.00

Long recognised as the definitive history of early European settlement in the Richmond River region.

 thumbnail cover - Men and a River 2nd ed.


Historic Sites of Lismore and District  $2.00

A guide to the location of some of the most important and interesting historical sites in and around Lismore.

Historic sites booklet


Eating on the Richmond: an anthology of food  $10.00
A history of food and cooking, including recipes.
thumbnail cover - Eating on the Richmond


Wartime on the Richmond 1939-1945  compiled and edited by Annette Potts and Marelle Lee  $10.00

Dedicated to all those brave men, women and children from the Richmond River District who played a role in the defence of Australia

thumbnail cover - Wartime on the Richmond 1939-1945


A Festival of Photographs  compiled by Margaret Henderson  $6.50

A selection of photographs of the Lismore Musical Festival.

thumbnail cover - A Festival of Photographs


The Scottish Rifles in Northern New South Wales  by M Buckley  $10.00

A detailed illustrated account of the 5th Regiment, New South Wales Scottish Rifles in Northern New South Wales.


 scottish rifles 001



A Short History of the Richmond River compiled by Louise T Daley  $4.50

A 24 page booklet


 short history richmond 001


The Town and Country Journal on the Richmond  selected and edited by Marcia Mullins $8.00

Settlement and progress in the Richmond River District 1870-1892


 thumbnail cover - Town & Country Journal on the Richmond


The Lost Echo  by James Green  $10.00

The story of the Richmond, originally published 1910.

 thumbnail cover - The Lost Echo


Royal Celebrations in Lismore and District  by Annette Potts  $2.50

Commemorating the royal golden jubilee and the visit to Lismore on 9-10 February 1954 of Queen Elizabeth II.

 royal celebrations 001



Battlers’ Boomtown: Coraki in the early 1890s  by Pauline Curby  $5.00

A social history of the township of Coraki in its early years.

 Battlers Boomtown



Then & Now  by Maurice Ryan  $10.00

A collection of historical vignettes from around the Richmond Valley, arising from superimposing current streetscapes upon those of the past.


 then & now 001


Early Lismore Photographs (Historical Photographs Series 1)  $9.50  thumbnail cover - Early Lismore Photographs


Early Timber Photographs (HPS 2)  $9.50  thumbnail cover - Early Timber Photographs


Early Shipping Photographs (HPS 3)  $9.50  thumbnail cover - Early Shipping Photographs


Early Ballina Photographs (HPS 4)  $9.50  thumbnail cover - Early Ballina Photographs


Cattle Kings Photographs (HPS 5)  $9.50  thumbnail cover - Cattle Kings Photographs


Children in History Photographs (HPS 6)  $9.50  thumbnail cover - Children in History Photogrphs


Early Mid-Richmond Photographs (HPS 7)  $9.50  thumbnail cover - Early Mid-Richmond Photographs


Early Dairying Photographs  (HPS 8)  $9.50  thumbnail cover - Early Dairying Photographs


Early Byron Bay Photographs (HPS 9)  $9.50  thumbnail cover - Early Byron Bay Photographs


Early Casino Photographs (HPS 10)  $9.50  thumbnail cover - Early Casino Photographs


More Early Lismore Photographs  (HPS 11)  $9.50  thumbnail cover - More Early Lismore Photographs


Early Nimbin Photographs (HPS 12)  $9.50  thumbnail cover - Early Nimbin Photographs


The Aborigines of the Richmond Area  by Marjorie J. Oakes  $3.50


 aborigines 001


The Sugar Industry on the Richmond River  by Ted Trudgeon $6.50


 Sugar industry 001


Brief History of the Richmond Valley  by Louise T. Daley and Ted Trudgeon $3.50


 brief history richmond 001


Timber: Cedar and the Development of the Richmond Valley
by Ted Trudgeon  $6.50
 timber 001


The Dairying Industry of the Richmond Valley
by Ted Trudgeon et al. $6.50
 dairying 001


Transport and Communications in the Richmond River Valley
by G. Hall and T. Trudgeon  $3.50
 transport 001


Shops of Lismore, chromolithographic supplement to the Northern Star  26th September 1891  $25.00

A2 size colour poster


 views of lismore 5


The Richmond Cedar Getters Broadsheet  $1.50

A1 size poster

 Broadsheet cedargetters


Lismore in Local History Broadsheet  $1.50

A1 size poster

 Broadsheet lismore


History of the Richmond District: Shipping Broadsheet  $1.50

A1 size poster

 Broadsheet shipping


History of the Richmond District Broadsheet $1.50

A1 size poster

 Broadsheet Richmond A